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To work with :ratio means to interact with a team of passionate specialists; an experienced and reliable team at your service. We speak French, English, Italian and German.

Simon Farine



at :ratio since 2009

“We cannot find anything on this website.” As soon as a client utters these words, Simon is ready to jump into the study and test the content and architecture of the website. He maps, sorts, prioritizes, and organizes with an array of acquired experience and methods in information architecture.

Passionate about knowledge sharing, Simon, along with Gilles, started the UX Romandie monthly event (now known as IxDA Lausanne) and the UX Lausanne conference. Always eager to filter new services and paradigms through his analytical sieve, Simon is a key asset to :ratio’s strategic monitoring of field trends and evolutions.

Yann Ringgenberg



at :ratio since 2009

Tired of seeing web projects fall slave to fashion dictates in detriment of their specificity, objectives and users needs, Yann founded :ratio along with Simon in 2009. With Yann, navigations, page structures, or interactions do not remain at the level of ideas and words for long. He sketches, prototypes and discusses every aspect of a project, always aiming at a thorough reworking.

His unfailing taste combined with practical know-how and experience is not limited to user experience; it can also be found in his practice of cycling and music. At work, Yann takes charge of the vinyl collection and the fine-tuning of the record player.

Xavier Alexandre


UX architect

at :ratio since 2012

Curiosity is Xavier’s main trait; 3D printing, bicycles (with a preference for light steel), and local culinary products occupy his time. That is, of course, when he is not conducting one of an extensive series of interviews or fine-tuning wireframes.

He dedicates an afternoon per week to widening the scope of his UX vision. For instance, in 2012, he attended an ethno-technology class in Neuchâtel and became an active member of their FabLab.

Our technical partners simply love the fact that he is a certified SCRUM product owner.

Gilles Demarty


UX architect

at :ratio since 2013

His previous experience as a developer has served to strengthen Gilles’ main attribute: rigor. Find a user experience difficult to measure? Gilles will quickly prove you wrong through quantitative and statistically based methods.

UX Architect at :ratio during the day, his evenings are dedicated to developing the Interactive Design Professional Association (IXDA) and its famous event: Interaction14. He is also a founder, with Simon, of UX Romandie, a branch of IXDA for the French-speaking region of Switzerland. Despite all these activities, he somehow finds time to tweet and photograph what surrounds and inspires him.

Chiara Valerio


UX architect

at :ratio since 2016

No matter what you want to design - be it a product or a service, Chiara’s first question will always be: “who is going to use it?” She uses interviews, surveys, and observational research to understand users' habits and attitudes, then uses that information to build playful and intuitive solutions. Her strengths include empathy, negotiation, and creative problem solving.

Her passion for interaction design comes from a wealth of experience living in Switzerland, United States, the Netherlands, and Italy. If she is not in the field with your team, look towards the sailboats on the lake or on a ski slope! Otherwise, she is probably traveling around the globe.

Marta Angelillis


User Researcher

at :ratio since 2020

What does a graduate in Japanese Studies do at :ratio? Through English teaching, the launch of a start-up in e-health and a project on human organization management, Marta has found the common thread in her commitments: understanding and facilitating what others have to do.

Curious and eager to learn, she is always on the lookout for something new - an unusual recipe, a new salsa step or a hidden spot by the lake. She has joined us to explore the multiple facets of UX design while following the My Digital Future program at the EPFL Extension School to learn how to develop web applications.

Matthieu Minguet


UI & Visual designer

at :ratio since 2015

After a Bachelor's program in Interaction Design at ECAL, Matthieu completed a Master's program in Application Development at HEIG-VD. Matthieu has more than one string to his bow: he is passionate about the aesthetics of information as well as the uses and social impact of new technologies. Matthieu lends us a hand in interaction design and brings his skills to the visual part of our projects.

Besides his job at :ratio, he teaches Motion Design and Creative Programming at ECAL. Hobbies? He is particularly interested in digital artists and finds inspiration visiting expositions both in Switzerland and abroad.

Renato Zülli


UI & Visual designer

at :ratio since 2018

Whether it is a simple hammer, a connected object or an application, Renato is passionate about tools, their use and their impact. After his training in graphic design at ECAL, he specialized in interface design at EPFL+ECAL LAB.

He likes finding simple solutions to complex problems and rethinking information systems and their visual representation. For Renato, the interface, as a universal tool, is an infinite learning space. But you will also meet him on another field: he trains at the Footbag Net at an international competitive level!

Nicolas Lanthemann


UI & Visual designer

at :ratio since 2021

Nicolas aspires to simplify people’s lives through visually appealing and yet usable solutions. Thanks to his skills in motion and creative coding, he is able to give a new dimension to UI Design while creating meaningful interactions.

He is particularly interested in the impact the digital era has on society. Every now and then, he shares his thoughts in this regard via Medium. In his free time, Nicolas plays basketball and tinkers with vintage bicycles.

They worked with us

Émilie Imhof

Bachelor Thesis - 3 months


Caroline Altevogt

Event manager

2015 to 2021

Jean Raymond

Practical training - 6 months


Tiphaine Rosier

Practical training - 6 months


Mélina Fourtune

Practical training - 6 months

2018 to 2019

Nhung Tang

UX & Visual Designer

2011 to 2018

Loris Grillet

UX & Visual Designer

2013 to 2017

Ariane Faraldi

Practical training - 5 months


Céline Racine

Practical training - 2 months


Lina Berzhaner

Practical training - 6 weeks


Lauria Sager

Event Coordinator


Louiselle Morand Salvo

UX Architect


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