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Here are a few articles to know more about :ratio and user experience design.

La Liberté - Le site de la ville transformé

This daily newspaper wrote about the new website of the City of Fribourg.

Agefi - BIG ratio, au service des objets connectés

An interview of Yann about BIG ratio and IoT in the economic newspaper Agefi .

ICT Journal - Les agences romandes BIG-GAME et :ratio mêlent UX et design industriel au service des objets connectés

A presentation of our new venture in the world of IoT.


ICT Journal - Fausse alerte au missile à Hawaï: un désastre UX

ICTjournal asked us about the bad design decisions behind the false Hawaiian ballistic missile alert.


ICT Journal - Le menu hamburger en voie de disparition

Simon explains the new trends in UX mobile, from the hamburger menu to the importance of testing users and organizing information in order to fit their needs.

24 Heures - Trois partenaires plus visibles

Yann presented :ratio at the Club des 100. A great opportunity to make user experience known in western Switzerland.

CVCI Journal - Zoom sur les liens entre les PME et les entreprises internationales

Swissquote was one of the three prize-winners of the Prix Vaudois des Entreprises Internationales 2015. Its team chose to honour :ratio during the awards ceremony and at the Club des 100.

Cominmag - Esprit pionnier, es-tu là?

Simon gives Cominmag his point of view on innovation within the digital field.

Citycable - Innover à Lausanne avec Citycable: découvrez l'entreprise :ratio

Citycable, our local telecoms operator, presents an offbeat portrait of :ratio.

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24 Heures - Rendre les sites internet plus faciles à utiliser est un métier qui se développe

User experience design is part of the new jobs which have appeared in the communication field during the last decade. The daily paper 24H explains its benefits for companies and organisations. - How To Learn About UX in Switzerland?

This blog, specialized in the startups economy in western Switzerland, considers user experience as the first skill to get to launch a new business.

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CVCI - Prix Vaudois des Entreprises Internationales

Video projected during the award ceremony where Swissquote had decided to highlight: ratio as a partner company.

24 heures - Tout comprendre de l'utilisateur

When we first arrived in Lausanne, :ratio was a pioneer in user experience design in western Switzerland.

PME Magazine - Le télétravail est bénéfique à condition d'être bien cadré

Flexibility as well as remote work are part of the advantages we offer our team.

Cominmag - L'utilisateur a toujours raison

How and why improve your digital communication opting for user experience.

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ICT Journal - Design Thinking: mettez de la couleur dans votre IT

Digital interfaces have become the principal interaction points between companies and their customers. With this in mind, a great user experience is an inescapable competitive edge.

Cominmag - Press Article

How user experience tools and methodologies help build the most effective strategy to design your digital products.

24 heures - Les créatifs courent leur Tour de France demain

Avenue de France is the designers ‘district in Lausanne.

l'Hebdo - Press Article

The massive use of blogs and social networks has participated to the excess load of information on the web. Two local startups, Webdoc and, took up some challenges related to the management and the creation of web content, proposing innovative solutions.

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